Rubber Sponge

Sponge rubber seals and solid rubber seals are widely utilized in sealing applications, but making the right choice between them is crucial for effective performance. Often, issues arise when solid rubber seals are chosen, leading to inadequate sealing in applications due to their limited compressibility and excessive hardness. In such cases, sponge rubber seals, which are more compressible and softer, should be used instead.

The Compression Set value is crucial for sponge rubber seals because it indicates the ability of the seal to return to its original shape after being compressed or subjected to pressure over a long period. This factor significantly impacts the seal's performance.

Shore OO refers to a unit of measurement for the hardness of sponge rubber using a durometer, as per the ASTM D2240 standard.

Closed-cell Sponge rubber is a type of Sponge with a distinctive cellular structure, commonly known as closed-cell. It finds widespread application in various industries, particularly in tasks such as water sealing, oven sealing, door edge sealing, gaskets, and more.

Kerosene, also known by the chemical name Kesosene, is a clear liquid with a pungent odor. It is flammable and is commonly used as a fuel. Industrial solvents, pesticides, paints, stain removal, etc.

Have you ever encountered a problem like this? Order black sponge rubber that are commonly available, 15 meters per roll, to be used at a temperature of 200°C and must also be exposed to vegetable oil, animal oil, and diluted chemicals But in the end, there was a problem. Sponge rubber deteriorates quickly. A leak occurred during use. Can't act as a SEAL anymore!! Will buy and change again and again. It wastes costs, maintenance costs and time and also increases waste. Affecting the problem of global warming!

Here are 5 misconceptions about choosing sponge rubber.

When we order sponge rubber seals or during use Easy to take care of sponge rubber seals. And prolong the service life of the sponge rubber seal for a longer time. There are 5 simple steps as follows.

Thermal Insulation Sponge Rubber Sheet is a sponge rubber. Soft 20 shore OO has thermal insulation properties. suitable for industrial use Condensation Control cooling system, Chiller system, Air pipe, Various refrigeration systems are available in the form of heat insulating sponge rubber pipes. and heat insulating sponge rubber sheet You can ask for more information via LINE ID : @PTIRUBBER | Tel : 022577154 | MB : 0863077319 | Email:

Ability to be waterproof and dustproof of sponge rubber does not depend on the type of sponge rubber but depends on the structure of sponge rubber If you want more information about waterproof and dustproof sponge rubber, you can ask for more information via LINE ID : @PTIRUBBER | Tel : 022577154 | MB : 0863077319 | Email:

If you are looking for silicone sponge rubber seals. Can ask for more details, price via LINE ID : @PTIRUBBER | Tel : 022577154 | MB : 0863077319 | Email:

At present, sponge rubber with adhesive tapes are available for you to choose from a wide variety, including EPDM sponge rubber, adhesive tape, NBR sponge, adhesive tape, CR/Neoprene sponge, adhesive tape, NR sponge, adhesive tape, and silicone sponge rubber tape. glue But did you know! Silicone sponge rubber adhesive tape has outstanding features as follows

If talking about white sponge rubber to withstand both steam And high heat, not more than 160°C, we recommend white EPDM sponge rubber that SAPONG brand developed formula and most industrial customers choose to use.

If you are interested or want more information about sponge rubber food grade. You can ask for more information at the brand SAPONG via LINE OA : @PTIRUBBER

Silicone sponge rubber It is a sponge rubber that is very popular and used as a top-selling sponge rubber group. Can be used as a seal for food packaging, incubator seals, electrical cabinet seals, etc.

Currently, silicone sponge rubber It is a sponge rubber that is very popular and widely used. which is outstanding in temperature Widest operating temperature range high heat resistance and can be used even at negative temperatures which silicone sponge rubber Can withstand heat up to 220°C, but if you want to use it at higher temperatures, what should you do?

Rubber sponge cord It is a sponge rubber with a solid round cross-section. It has a closed-cell flexible sponge rubber structure.

Have you ever encountered this kind of problem? Bought the wrong sponge rubber Spec., bought it and kept it enough to bring it out for real use. not working Many problems will be gone if you follow this.

with the unique properties of sponge rubber that provides flexibility It is much softer than hard rubber or solid rubber. As a result, sponge rubber is suitable for use in the production process of the concrete industry.

Currently, EPDM sponge rubber has been widely used in both form of EPDM sponge rubber seal. EPDM sponge rubber sheet and EPDM sponge rubber with adhesive tape that have been specifically designed in terms of hardness and formulation. for a wide range of applications

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