Electrical Insulating Rubber Sheet, Corrugated Fine Rubbed High voltage electrical insulation rubber sheet Pass the electricity test Withstand high voltages Based on the IEC standard. The top surface has a corrugated fine rubbed to prevent slipping and helps trap dust very well. For more safety performance The rubber bottom surface of the fabric provides excellent traction on the paving surface. Electrical insulating sheet, corrugated fine rubbed Produced with special raw materials Resulting in high tear resistance Excellent wear resistance It is also resistant to oil. Environment resistant The service life is 5-7 years. No need to change frequently, reducing maintenance costs. Electrical Insulating Rubber Sheet, Pattern Anti-slip electrical insulation rubber sheet Suitable for floor covering, electrical cabinet, MDB cabinet, Switchboard, Switchgear, electric collector room Electrical rubber insulation. corrugated fine rubbed. Electrical insulating rubber sheet with corrugated fine rubbed on floor, walkway or risk area that has electricity etc.
Custom Anti-Slip Electrical Insulating Rubber Sheet
   Material : Electrical Insulating Rubber
   Surface : Corrugated Fine Ribbed
   Thickness : 3-10 mm
   Width : up to 1.5 M.
   Hardness : 65 +/-5 Shore A
   Working Temp. : -30 to +110 °C
   Class (IEC61111:2009) : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
   Working Voltage : 1000 - 36000 Volts.
   WithStand Voltage : up to 50000 Volts
   Color : Black
Features Anti-Slip Electrical Insulation Rubber Sheet - Corrugated Fine Ribbed
   Withstand voltage Protect from electricity hazards
   The surface has a non-slip pattern And also helps to trap dust very well
   Good weight support, wear resistant
   Excellent oil resistance, waterproof
   Tested with Cer. Certification, IEC 61111 certified, safe for use, passed Audit standards.
   Suitable for use with AC / DC electricity.
   We use high quality raw materials. Extend the lifespan for longer.
   Services for cutting Anti-slip electrical rubber sheets according to the Drawing / Spec. For ease of use.
   Site installation service
   Service for corner sheet on site With special techniques, a team of experts in the installation Laying Anti-slip electrical rubber sheet ElectroMer Full in all areas and safe to use in those areas
   Production service according to spec. Usage
   Free nationwide delivery No added

IEC 61111:2009 STANDARD

You can ask for more information or order the production of plastic rubber parts at Tel / Line : 0863077319
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