Washable Sticky Mat
Dust and dirt attached to the shoes or cart wheels that we may not see difficult to clean It's a huge problem for clean rooms. or areas that need to be controlled for cleanliness Choosing a dust trap Flooring in front of clean room or clean room before entering that room So it's the best choice. That will help trap dust attached to shoes, wheels, and help eliminate dust or dirt problems.
HyperSheet, we recommend a Washable Sticky Mat, a premium grade adhesive sheet, odorless, non-toxic, high viscosity. Helps trap dust from shoes and wheeled carts in every nook and cranny which can repeat the same step does not cause static electricity easy to clean Just wash with plain water or soapy water. Can be reused over 1000 times, saving you costs. No need to change often, reducing waste, helping to reduce global warming.

  Installation is easy, no glue required. Just put it on the floor. Suitable for applications such as clean rooms, workshop rooms, medical and pharmaceutical industries, computer rooms, electronics industries, LAB rooms, food industry, hospitals, etc.


Washable Sticky Mat Standard Size

WSM2X600X900Blue26009001.30Blue Smooth
  Minimum distribution of 100 sheets.
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