Produce extruded rubber parts


PTI. We provide rubber parts manufacturing services. Compression molding according to the type of use For sending O.E.M assembly plant and rubber parts For various projects Assembly of products There are many types of rubber parts that we offer to manufacture such as Rubber Grommet, Rubber Bush, Rubber Bellow, Rubber Packing, Rubber Packing, Rubber Gasket, Rubber Seals, Rubber Mount, Rubber Cushion, Rubber Plugs, Rubber Caps, Rubber to Metal Bonding. etc.
Each production design, aside from considering the characteristics of rubber parts Compound rubber formulas that are designed for properties and production processes, and production costs are also equally important. Therefore, in each production design, we have a Product Engineer team to help design the Manufactured to give customers the right rubber parts, Spec., Reduce production costs as much as possible
You can ask for more information or order the production of plastic rubber parts at Tel / Line : 0863077319
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