Standard Anti-Fatigue Mat
Is the initial version of the anti-fatigue mat. Helps prevent fatigue Reduce fatigue from standing for a long time.

STANDARD Anti-fatigue Mat

  Comes with 2 types of materials, the top layer or Top layer covered with PVC, while the bottom layer is PU Foam to help prevent fatigue. Comes with a beveled edge to help prevent tripping and the back surface is a groove that can be used to attach to the floor for more tight installation. Prevents slipping of the anti-fatigue plate

  Help to prevent fatigue But still feels a little hard because the top layer is covered with PVC. Suitable for use in buildings. mall or can be used in the home

Caring for and taking care of your employees' health is easy. with the anti-fatigue HyperSheet

Surface Type
Smooth Surface
Diamond Surface
Checkered Surface
Fine-Ribbed Surface

If you are interested in anti-fatigue products Able to order a minimum amount only 10 sheets.

Warranty Free Shipping Nationwide or can ask for more product information Get a free trial at the HyperSheet brand.

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