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We sell and produce rubber sheets. We select, produce Designed for specific industrial applications Because we understand that each industry group has different requirements for the properties of rubber sheet such as food grade rubber sheet, chemical resistant rubber sheet, sandblasted rubber sheet, smooth rubber sheet (Silicone, FKM, EPDM, CR, NBR, NR, HNBR, IIR, SBR), Textured rubber sheet, Canvas reinforced rubber sheet, Soundproof rubber sheet, Sound absorbing rubber sheet, Wear resistant rubber sheet, Reinforced rubber sheet, Machinery rubber mat, Non-slip rubber sheet, UV resistant rubber sheet, Ozone resistant rubber sheet Rubber sheet, skirts, belts etc.
We have production plants and a team of Product Engineers that develop over 1,000 products and formulas designed for use in each type of rubber sheet. We produce rubber sheet thickness 0.5-50 mm, width 1-1.5 M, Hardness 20-80 Shore A. At HyperSheet, we control the production of rubber sheets at every step. With rubber sheet raw materials tested and with Cer. FDA, REACH, RoHS / RoSH2, COA certifications and cutting services (Die-Cutting) to the size according to use. And the production of self-adhesive rubber sheets.

   Thickness : 0.5-50 mm
   Width : 1-1.5 m.
   Length/Roll : 3-15 m.
   Surface Type : Smooth / Patterned
   Color : Black, White, Grey, Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Brown, Tan etc.

   Self-Adhesive Application

   Food grade rubber sheet
   Chemical resistant rubber sheet
   Flame redardant rubber sheet (UL94)
   Oil resistant rubber sheet
   High temperature resistant rubber sheet
   Cold resistant rubber sheet
   Wear resistant rubber sheet
   UV resistant rubber sheet
   Ozone resistant rubber sheet


You can ask for more information or order the production of plastic rubber parts at Tel / Line : 0863077319
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