Gasket production service and gasket seal
PTI, we distribute - Produce various types of Rubber Gasket, Custom Rubber Molded Gasket / Flange Rubber Gasket / Full Face Rubber Gasket / Ring Rubber / Gasket / Fiber Reinforced Rubber Gasket / AV Rubber Gasket etc. For a variety of industrial applications such as Food Grade Rubber Gasket, Oil Resistant Rubber Gasket, High Temp. Resistant Rubber Gasket
Gasket), Steam Resistant Rubber Gasket, Gas Resistant Rubber Gasket, Pipeling & Plumbing Gasket, Rubber Gasket For the automotive industry as a beginning, in addition to rubber gaskets We also distribute - produce nylon tape gaskets (PTFE GASKET) and PU gaskets (PU GASKET) according to the type of use as well.
   Dimension: 10 - 5,000 mm
   Rubber Gasket Type: Rubber gasket for former holder parts, AV gasket, Gasket Foodgrade (FDA), Flange gasket, Fabric reinforced rubber gasket
   Material Served: Silicone, EPDM, NBR, NR, CR (Neoprene), IIR, FKM (VITON), SBR, CSM, PU, ​​PTFE etc.
   Material Certification: FDA, UL, USP Class VI
   Color: Black, White, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Brown, Tan, off White etc.
   Service: Compression service according to the Drawing / Spec. According to use, Die Cut Rubber Gasket.

  Compression service according to Drawing / Spec. According to use
   Die Cut Rubber Gasket


   USP Class VI


Rubber gasket for former
holder parts
 AV gasket Flange gasket Fabric reinforced rubber Gasket Foodgrade (FDA)
   AV Gasket
   Flange Gasket
   IIR rubber Gasket
   NBR rubber gasket
   FKM rubber gasket or Viton rubber gasket
   Food grade silicone rubber gasket
   Rubber gasket EPDM
   Rubber reinforced gasket
   Rubber gasket CR
   Nylon tape gasket (PTFE)
   Rubber gasket NR
   Rubber Washer
   Rubber Gasket for Holder Parts
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