Sand & Shot Blasting Rubber Sheet for sand blasting Sand blasting machine Wear resistant And excellent tear resistance Compared to general grade rubber, suitable for use with a sandblasting machine Sandblasting machine Popular to be attached to the wall in the sand blasting room Helps to reduce the bounce back of the sand well. When the sand hit the rubber sheet, it will fall to the ground Does not bounce back into the firing machine or sprayer Long service life, strong, resistant to tearing Resistant to use conditions We produce according to Can be used in every way that the customer wants, with confidence and confidence in production quality We select the best quality raw materials for you.
Features Sand & Shot Blasting Rubber Sheet
   Protects against sand splashes
   Good resistance to the impact of sand
   Tear resistant Wear resistant
   Resistant to use conditions
   Long service life
   Flexible rubber sheet
   Reduces noise while working well
   Working temperature -30 to +100 °C
   Hardness : 45 +/- 5 Shore A
   Color : Red, Pink, Black, Beige, Gray
   Production service according to the format according to use.
   Cut to length service
   Adhesive tape installation service
   Custom cut service
   Letter printing service on the work piece
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