EPDM Rubber or Ethylene-Propylene Diene Rubber is a synthetic rubber Monomer of Ethylene and Propylene during the polymerization reaction A little bit of the 3rd monomer was added that is the monomer of Diene so that the rubber has a double bond and can be formed with sulfur

EPDM Rubber Grade
EPDM Rubber grades are classified according to the ratio of ethylene and propylene

Generally, EPDM rubber has a content of ethylene in the range of 45-85% mol. If the content of ethylene is high, EPDM rubber will have a high strength in the condition that the rubber is not stable, and when the amount The reduction of ethylene makes the EPDM rubber softer and more flexible. And the amount of diene is in the range of 3-11% mol. EPDM rubber has a glass transition temperature (Tg) is about -60ºC.

EPDM Rubber grades are classified according to moonie viscosity
   1. EPDM Rubber Low-medium viscosity
   2. EPDM Rubber Medium-high viscosity
   3. EPDM Rubber Very high viscosity

EPDM rubber properties

Due to the structure of EPDM rubber with very few double bonds. Makes it difficult to attack and destroy, resulting in EPDM rubber being the top tire and very famous for its resistance to the environment. Whether in terms of UV, Ozone, sunlight, EPDM rubber is a rubber that has a fairly wide operating temperature range. after silicone rubber which has a temperature range of -50 to +160°C, can be used at both low temperatures And used at high temperatures, EPDM rubber has been selected for use in a variety of industries such as

EPDM Rubber Products
At PTI, we offer a wide range of EPDM rubber parts manufacturing services according to Spec. your use There are both production of extruded EPDM rubber parts, EPDM rubber seals, extrusion. EPDM rubber sheet production services, EPDM rubber sheet cutting services according to the drawings (Die-Cutting / Hand Cutting / Strip Cutting) and adhesive tape installation services.

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