Premium Anti-Fatigue Mat
Anti-Fatigue Mat, HyperSheet brand.
Made from PU Foam raw materials. Make it strong, flexible, help relax, reduce fatigue and can be used longer than the PVC that we designed and manufactured to be suitable for industrial plants. Production line workers who have to stand for more than 1 hour Reduces fatigue from standing and working Helping employees to stand longer and happier at work, increase job productivity, reduce costs, maintenance costs and reduce turnover rate.

Properties of anti-fatigue sheet (Premium)

  Prevents fatigue and prevents long-term health problems.

  Helping stand work more comfortably and stand work longer.

  Strong and durable PU Foam.

  Top surface with anti-slip pattern.

  Bottom surface is attached to an anti-skid surface.


  Waterproof, dustproof, easy to clean.

  Sloping surface to prevent tripping.

  Reduce Turnover Rate problems.

  Helps to increase productivity in work more..


   Properties   Spec.
   Product Name   ANTI-FATIGUE MATS
   Brand   HyperSheet
   Material   PU FOAM
   Feature   Anti-Fatigue / Anti-Slip
   Surface   Smooth / Diamond / Checkered / Fine-Ribbed
   Color   Black
   Qty/Box   10 Pcs
Surface Type
Smooth Surface
Diamond Surface
Checkered Surface
Fine-Ribbed Surface


  Product Code  Thickness (cm)  Width (cm)  Length (cm)  Weight/Piece (kg)
  AFM-P1.9x46x61  1.9  46  61  1.14
  AFM-P1.9x51x81  1.9  51  81  1.68
  AFM-P1.9x51x99  1.9  51  99  2.05
  AFM-P1.5x55x93  1.5  55  93  1.64
  AFM-P2.0x50x70  2.0  50  70  1.4
  AFM-P2.0x61x91  2.0  61  91  1.9

If you are interested in Premium anti-fatigue products Able to order a minimum amount only 10 sheets.

Warranty Free Shipping Nationwide or can ask for more product information Get a free trial at the HyperSheet brand.

Tel : 022577154 MB : 0863077319  Email :  LINE OA : @PTIRUBBER

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