Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mat
It is a soft and flexible rubber sheet. Support the weight from standing Helps the blood circulation well reduce fatigue Prevent long-term health problems.

  The benefits of Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mat.

  • Good circulatory system reduce fatigue.
  • Help prevent heart disease and prevent long-term health problems.
  • Allows you to stand up to 2 times longer than before.
  • The contact surface is designed to prevent slipping.
  • Easy to clean, waterproof.
  • Makes you and your employees happy to stand at work. and help increase work efficiency.


  Who needs Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mat?

  • Employees stand in the production line.
  • Receptionist
  • Cook
  • Department store salesperson.
  • Areas that require standing for more than 90 minutes.



  • Product name : Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mat  |  Range : Safety Mat  |  Materials : PVC , PU , SBR  |  Color : Black , Gray
Surface Type
Smooth Surface
Diamond Surface
Checkered Surface
Fine-Ribbed Surface


Anti-fatigue sheet HyperSheet is a foam pad that we designed for work stand. Anti-abrasion pads are the best support for standing. weight support Helps reduce fatigue And relax the stress of the muscles, reduce injuries, muscle spasms in the legs, waist, back, shoulders, neck, reduce headaches, help the blood circulation system better. Prevent heart disease and long-term health Suitable for production line workers who have to stand for a long time to work. receptionist salesperson Cooks, cooks, or other employees who have to stand for long periods of time, and at HyperSheet we have 3 models of HyperSheet anti-skid pads that you should have for your employees to work on.

If you are interested in anti-fatigue products Able to order a minimum amount only 100 sheets.

Warranty Free Shipping Nationwide or can ask for more product information Get a free trial at the HyperSheet brand.

Tel : 022577154 MB : 0863077319  Email :  LINE OA : @PTIRUBBER

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