Silicone Rubber Sheet

HyperSheet by Polytech Industry Company Limited. Has been providing manufacturing and distribution services for industrial rubber sheet products for over 18 years

Currently, there are many grades of rubber sheets for you to choose from. but do you know Not all rubber sheets are suitable for applications that require high heat resistance and long continuous use, where the heat resistance of rubber sheets depends on the type of rubber and formulation.

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Have you ever wondered? Both Viton rubber sheet and Redbrick silicone rubber sheet They are all capable of withstanding high temperatures similarly. But which rubber sheet is best for your application, today HyperSheet has the answer for you.

Do you know! Not all rubber mats are suitable for oil applications. whether used as a seal rubber floor mat gasket.

Do you know ! Not a normal silicone rubber sheet. Food grade features Can be used for both direct and indirect contact with food Therefore, you should pay close attention to the selection of silicone rubber sheets for use.

Anti-scratch silicone rubber sheet For industrial applications, the Production Line offers superior flexibility. To prevent scratching on the workpiece precisely. Ready to ship free shipping

Silicone rubber sheet (Silicone Rubber Sheet) is a rubber sheet produced from raw materials, synthetic rubber silicone It has the main structure silicon (SI) and oxygen (O), which has a chemical structure similar to glass. The surface of the rubber sheet is smooth. Silicone rubber sheet has outstanding features in terms of wide operating temperature - 70 to +220 C.

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