Oil & High Heat Resistant Rubber 
When talking about the oil resistance ability of rubber, it definitely has to be the most popular NBR tire for use. Because of the structural characteristics of NBR tires Or nitrile rubber, designed to be resistant to a variety of oils such as Fuel Petroleum oil, vegetable oil, or even animal oil, but the NBR rubber is still limited in terms of temperature that can withstand the maximum heat of only 120 C, so it is very limited for the need to use at high temperatures. 150 C or more
For this reason, silicone rubber Who received the nickname of being able to endure high temperatures. Wide operating temperature range Easy processing capability The reasonable price has been developed to be able to withstand oil and can still be used at high temperatures as well. Makes the answer a lot Extend the lifespan of the product and help reduce maintenance costs as well. The hole processing can be made from rubber, sponge, rubber tube, rubber sheet, rubber seal or according to the Spec. That the customer needs.
Material : Silicone ( Oil Resistant Grade ) , FKM/VITON / FPM
Oil & High Heat Resistant Rubber Product
PTI. We provide Oil & High Heat Resistant Rubberproducts as per Spec. 
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