Electrical Properties of Rubber & Plastic Products

PTI. We are a manufacturer of rubber parts that have electrical properties. as follows rubber insulation parts, anti-static rubber parts, semi-conductive rubber parts And electrically conductive rubber parts With the production technology that is unique and has a team of experts to take care of each part of the production, both the design-Mold Making / Extrusion Dies, 3D Printing Compound rubber formula, fabrication, production quality control (ISO: 9001), electrical property testing of workpieces and other qualitative tests in accordance with specifications standards.
project both In-Hose and Third Party, product testing standards, COA / MSDS certificate in order to deliver rubber and plastic products that are safe for use Longer service life Reduce maintenance costs when taking care of assembling work. And can be exported to use in different countries according to the regulations and standards of each country

Electrical Properties of Rubber & Plastic Products

Electrical Insulating Rubber 
Anti-Static Rubber
Electrical Semi-Conductive Rubber
Electrical Conductive Rubber
Custom Electrical Properties of Rubber & Plastic Products

   Electrical Properties : Electrical Insulation /Anti-Static /  Semi-Conductive / Electrical Conductive
   Process Type  : Compression Molding Process / Extrusion Process / Calendering Process
   Materials : Silicone , EPDM , CR (Neoprene) , NR , NBR , FKM , TPV ,PTFE
   Material Certification & Quality Control :  RoHS2 , UL , IEC , ASTM, ISO :9001, JIS

Applications : Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat , ESD Rubber Mat , Cable Connectors , Electrical Insulation Tube , Sleeve ,

                            Electrical Conductive Parts , LCD Zebra , EMI Gasket , Heaters

Minimum order quantity: 10,000 EA or as agreed on each product

Contact Us. Tel: 022577154  MB :  0863077319 
Line official @ptirubber Email: info@ptigroups.com

Electrical Properties of Rubber and Plastic Product
Electrical Insulating Rubber Sheet
 ESD Rubber Sheet
 ESD wristband
ESD Suction Cups
   Bird guard
 Electrical Insulating Seals
Electrically Conductive Roller

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