Solid Round PTFE or VIRGIN ROD, White PTFE ROD is an engineering plastic group with high performance. Excellent chemical resistance Dielectric strength Resistant to high temperatures Low moisture absorption, smooth surface, food grade, FDA grade, suitable for use in the food and beverage industry PTI. We distribute PTFE ROD / PTFE VIRGIN ROD DIA. 1-200 mm with CNC cutting service. Forming for ease of use in rollers, slides, bearings, etc.
Features PTFE ROD
   Operating temperature -200 to + 260 °C
   Resistant to use at negative temperatures And use at high temperatures
   Resistant to chemicals And excellent resistance to corrosion
   Smooth skin
   Very low moisture absorption rate
   Excellent resistance to UV and radiation
   Has electrical insulation properties
   Qualified food grade FDA
You can ask for more information or order the production of plastic rubber parts at Tel / Line : 0863077319
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