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Application :
PTI we manufacture sponge rubber according to the application, including Sponge Rubber Profiles, Extruded Sponge Rubber Profiles, Molded Sponge Rubber Parts, Sponge Rubber Sheet, and Sponge Rubber Adhesive Tape ( Sponge Rubber Tape Application) for applications such as Sponge rubber profile seal , Rubber sponge extrusion seal, sponge rubber gasket etc. with the raw materials available to you. SILICONE, VITON (FKM / FPM), EPDM, NBR, CR (Neoprene) and NR (Natural rubber). We manufacture and distribute rubber. Sponges for a variety of industries, such as Automotive, Food Processing, Medical Equipment, Building & Construction, Commercial lighting, Marine, Renewable Energy etc. We manufacture sponge rubber for OEM applications, sponge rubber parts delivered to assembly plants, rubber sponge seals for machine assembly. And sponge rubber for the Spare Parts Maintenance Unit to replace the imported products Truly meet the needs of users and reduce your costs
   Sponge Rubber Type : Sponge Rubber Extrusion, Sponge Rubber Sheet, Self-Adhesive Sponge Tape
   Material Served : Silicone , EPDM , CR (neoprene) , NBR , NR , PU
   Processing : Extrusion Process , Compression Molding Process
   Hardness : 20-80 Shore OO
   S.G : 0.4-0.8
   Color : Black , White , Firebrick , Grey , Brown , Blue or as per Spec.
   Service : Cut-to-length , Splicing /Jointing , Die-Cutting , Printing

   Self-Adhesive Tape

  Food Grade Sponge Rubber ( FDA)
  High Heat Resistance Sponge up to +315 °C
   Extreme Low Temperature Resistance  -100 °C
   Oil Resistance Sponge Rubber
   High heat and Oil Resistance
   Flame Retardant Sponge Rubber (UL94)
  Thermal Insulating Sponge Rubber
   Impact Resistance Sponge Rubber

   RoHS / RoHS2
   IP 65

   Thermal Insulation Sponge
   Sound Absorber Sponge Sheet / Acoustic Sponge Sheet
You can ask for more information or order the production of plastic rubber parts at Tel / Line : 0863077319
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