Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat

Electrical voltage is the pressure that causes electric current to flow through an electrical conductor, measured in volts (Voltage)

HyperSheet by Polytech Industry Company Limited. Has been providing manufacturing and distribution services for industrial rubber sheet products for over 18 years

Many people think that general rubber sheets are similar to electrical insulating rubber sheets and can be used interchangeably to save costs or for convenience.

Electrical insulating rubber mats are essential safety equipment used for flooring in front of high-voltage electrical cabinets to prevent electric shock and comply with safety regulations in electrical work.

An electrical cabinet is a vital component in electrical systems, responsible for controlling and distributing power to various devices in industrial factories, hospitals, office buildings, and residential buildings. For high-voltage electrical cabinets, it is essential to install Electrical Insulating rubber mats to prevent hazards from electrical leakage, ensuring the safety of the operators.

Currently, many leading companies and organizations, including various industrial factories, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, residential areas, or even construction sites with high voltage electrical panels or areas at risk from electric currents, have installed Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats as flooring to prevent electrical hazards for workers and to comply with legal safety regulations.

At present, electrical insulating rubber sheets are very popular to choose from. to prevent electric shock or prevent electric shock while working. But did you know! Just a normal electrical insulating rubber sheet. It may look simple, but it's even more special when you choose UL fireproof electrical insulating rubber sheet.

If you want more information about electrical insulating rubber sheet You can ask for more information at the ElectroMer brand via LINE OA : @PTIRUBBER

ElectroMer, the first and only electrical insulating rubber sheet in Thailand, tested according to IEC standards with a professional installation team. The best electrical insulating rubber sheet from the brand ElectroMer.

Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat is a rubber mat that is different from other rubber mats due to its electrical insulating properties.

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