Nowadays, in various industries, there are various types of chemicals being used. In which the type of chemicals depends on the industry Whether it is acid, alkali, Acetone, Ammonium Nitrate, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sulfuric Acid, etc., which should be considered the type of chemical resistant rubber sheet. Concentration Also, temperature is an important factor in choosing In addition to choosing the right type of chemical resistant rubber sheet But still having problems Because each rubber manufacturer is resistant to chemicals Manufactured using different formulas May be manufactured for use in other applications that are not specific to chemicals. Or even production technology Also affects the quality and efficiency of the chemical resistant rubber sheet as well Because if choosing a chemical resistant rubber sheet is not suitable for the type of chemical Or considering the purchase of chemical resistant rubber sheets that are too cheap The service life of the chemical resistant rubber sheet is shorter. Not worth the money to pay
PTI. We specialize in the production and distribution of rubber resistant chemicals that meet the needs. We have experts to advise on the selection of suitable and effective chemical resistant rubber sheet, chemical resistant rubber sheet that is popularly used in chemicals such as EPDM chemical resistant rubber sheet, IIR chemical resistant rubber sheet , Viton Chemical Resistant Rubber Sheet, FKM / FPM, CR Chemical Resistant Rubber Sheet , CSM chemical resistant rubber sheet, etc. We also have chemical resistant plastic sheet, PTFE and PTFE Carbon Sheet as well.
   Thickness : 0.5-50 mm
   Width: 1-1.5 M
   Length/Roll : 10 M
   Hardness : 65+/-5 Shore A
   Material served : EPDM , FKM (VITON) , IIR , CR , CSM , PTFE , PTFE Carbon Sheet etc.

   Production service according to the format according to use.
   Cut to length service
   Adhesive tape installation service
   Custom cut service
   Letter printing service on the work piece

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