Electric control cabinet industry
Electrical Control Cabinet Electrical Control Cabinet or electrical distribution system control cabinet There are 3 main types as follows: MDB (Main Distribution Board) control cabinet, SDB (Sub Distribution Board) control cabinet and PB (Panel Board) control cabinet. It has internal parts that act to control electricity. Supply electricity to various points of industrial plants. Residential condominium buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc., so the components within the electrical control cabinet Must be well protected against moisture, water, dust or even the air outside. It has a huge effect that results in damage to the internal components of the electrical control cabinet.
PTI, we have developed a sponge rubber seal. under the brand SAPONG™ specially designed for the installation of electrical control cabinets. Both for the assembly of electrical distribution control cabinets and maintenance work. Our sponge rubber texture is designed as a closed-cell or closed-cell internal structure. And the outer surface is smooth that will help prevent air, water, pieces, or even dust, and sponge rubber texture designed to be highly flexible, tough, tear resistant, hardness (Hardness) 50-60 Shore OO that helps pressure support Closes tightly, no leaks, branded sponge rubber texture. SAPONG™ is designed with good compression set, adjusting shape according to pressure. but not losing After using it for more than 10 years Sponge rubber raw materials that are commonly used in both designs. Brick red silicone sponge rubber Gray Silicone Sponge Rubber white silicone sponge rubber EPDM sponge rubber and CR sponge rubber or neoprene sponge rubber, attached with 3M adhesive tape, which is a grade of adhesive tape suitable for installing electrical control cabinets in particular

At present, PTI has been entrusted to produce sponge rubber seals. Distributed under the brand SAPONG™ for installation and assembly of electric control cabinets for public and private projects various projects Including a group of factories that manufacture electrical control cabinets in Thailand, sponge rubber seals for electrical control cabinets.

 Self Adhesive Rubber Sponge Tape for  Electrical Control Cabinet

  • Product Name :  Self Adhesive Rubber Sponge Tape
  • Application : Electrical Control Cabinet
  • Process : Rubber Sponge Extrusion
  • Structure : Closed-Cell
  • Adhesive Tape : 3M
  • Cross Section Size : 5-50 mm
  • Length/Roll : 20 M
  • Hardness : 50-60 Shore OO
  • Material: Silicone , EPDM , CR (Neoprene) or as per Spec.
CR (Neoprene)

Product information of sponge rubber for installation of electrical control cabinets
You can ask for more information or contact to order sponge rubber products for installation of electrical control cabinets at Tel : 022577154 (5 lines)  MB : 0863077319 
LINE OA : @ptirubber  Email: info@ptigroups.com 
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