Protect Your Electronic Components with ESD SUCTION CUP “ElectroMer”

Safeguard your delicate electronic parts from the dangers of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) with our specially designed ESD Suction Cup, tailored for the electronics industry. Ensure safe handling and rest assured that your products are free from risks associated with ESD damage.


ESD Suction Cup

  • Specifically designed for the electronics industry.
  • Engineered with a surface that provides strong vacuum adhesion.
  • Functions in gripping, picking, and maneuvering workpieces without dropping or damaging them
  • Prevents and eliminates Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).
  • Protects electronic components from damage.
  • Highly flexible and capable of effectively gripping workpieces.
Electronic Component Assembly
Sensitive Equipment Handling
PCB Manufacturing
Robotics and Automated Pick-and-Place Systems

Technical Spec.

  • Product Name : ESD Suction Cup / ESD Vacuum Cup
  • Brand : ElectroMer
  • Diameter : 3-200 mm
  • Hardness : 40-80 Shore A
  • Type : Bellows , Deep , Flat
  • Material : Silicone , NBR , EPDM , VITON (FKM)
  • Color : Black , Blue , Yellow , Grey , or as per Spec.
ประเภทของ ESD Suction Cup
Bellows ESD Suction Cup
Suitable for both concave and convex surfaces,
operates at low pressure,
works effectively on inclined surfaces,
and presents no issues with positioning.
Deep ESD Suction Cup
Deep cups work excellently with curved materials
and help enhance gripping efficiency.
Flat ESD Suction Cup
Flat cups are suitable for use with glass,
metal sheets, and cardboard
We offer custom manufacturing services for rubber parts for ESD Suction CUPS, tailored to your specific usage specifications. We accept production orders with a minimum quantity of 50,000 pieces.
If you are looking for or need to order custom rubber parts for ESD Suction CUPS, inquire and place your orders with the ElectroMer brand.
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ElectroMer by Polytech Industry Company Limited
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