HyperSheet's CR (Neoprene) rubber sheets are superior to standard rubber sheets, offering robust functionality tailored for engineering needs. Ideal for flooring, gaskets, seals, and impact protection, these sheets come with standout features

Roofs are a crucial part of any home, residence, or building that require proper care and the right materials to prevent leaks. One popular solution for this problem is using roofing rubber sheets. These sheets can be installed on or under the roof to prevent leaks and enhance the durability of your structure. Here a guide on how to choose the right roofing rubber sheets to keep your home, residence, or building leak-free.

Factories, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and even residential buildings often install electrical control cabinets to manage the distribution of electricity to various devices. These control cabinets, operating at high voltage, pose a significant risk. Thus, Popular Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats are essential for floor installation in control rooms, in front of MDB cabinets, switchboards, switch gears, generator rooms, and battery storage rooms. These mats prevent electric shocks and disrupt the flow of electrical current, complying with safety regulations for electrical work.

From multiple customer cases, whether using the product themselves or reselling it, weve learned valuable lessons about the issues and solutions associated with adhesive tape sponge rubber.

From various case studies, we've seen customers often facing issues with sponge rubber seals purchased elsewhere. When used as seals under prolonged pressure, these seals often deform, creating gaps that allow water to seep through, causing significant problems. Though these seals are cheap, they require frequent replacements, leading to extensive damage during use and ultimately costing far more than the price of the seals.

From numerous case studies, we have found that customers frequently faced issues with adhesive tape sponge rubber seals before switching to the SAPONG brand. They often experienced problems such as peeling during use, poor adhesion to surfaces, or separation between the adhesive tape and sponge rubber. These issues led to short product lifespans, lack of warranties, and frequent replacements, resulting in increased maintenance costs and higher overall expenses.

Both EPDM and HNBR rubber sheets are widely used in the industry for applications such as seals, gaskets, pads, etc. Here are the similarities and differences between EPDM and HNBR rubber sheets.

EPDM rubber sheets are highly favored for outdoor applications, whether for roofing, rubber gaskets, seals, flooring, or external shock-absorbing pads

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