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PTI We are a provider of rubber and plastic parts production services for a variety of industries.We provide production services with high efficient machinery technology, modern production techniques, compound rubber formulas developed specifically for each customer, including testing standards. And Cer. Certification that meets international standards

The Product Meet Customer Needs
We manufacture and distribute rubber parts that meet the needs of each industry.
Technical Support
We have specialized experts to provide advice and technical information to help your  succeed.
PTI, we are flexible in both the order quantity and the price that meets the needs. and cost saving

Our Capability

New Products

Rubber bumper Made To Order as per spec. call us. Tel: +6622577154 MB : +66863077319


Rubber Coil For Automotive Industry Made To Order as per Spec. Material served : EPDM , Silicone 

Best Seller

Round Cord Sponge Made To Order As per your Spec. DIA. 3-60 mm , Material served : silicone , EPDM , CR(Neoprene) ,NBR , NR .Min Order 1000 Meters. call us to Order Tel: +6622577154 MB : +66863077319 LINE ID @ptirubber

Best Seller

Sqaure Cord Silicone Sponge , High Elasticity , Excellent Compression set . we have 6 Grade to provide meet you Spec. Min Order 1000 Meters. Call Us to Order Tel: +6622577154 / MB +66863077319

Our Customer

Sponge rubber is a flexible, lightweight rubber that is soft when applied to the surface. The sponge rubber will collapse. And when released, will return to its original condition The sponge rubber is soft because the inside of the rubber is porous and has bubbles inside. For this reason, the sponge rubber is soft. And lightweight

Square Silicone Rubber Manufactured from silicone rubber. Medical Grade, Silicone grade, Britpop silicone, than the general grade of silicone rubber. Suitable for medical applications, especially Medical Devices. Assembling medical components or devices

Solar cell system seal, designed for the installation and installation of solar cells, lightweight, resistant to excellent operating conditions

ชิ้นส่วนยางจับสายไฟฟ้าแรงสูงเป็นชิ้นส่วนยางที่มีคุณสมบัติกึ่งนำไฟฟ้า (Semi-Conductive Rubber)

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