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PTI We are a provider of rubber and plastic parts production services for a variety of industries.We provide production services with high efficient machinery technology, modern production techniques, compound rubber formulas developed specifically for each customer, including testing standards. And Cer. Certification that meets international standards

The Product Meet Customer Needs
We manufacture and distribute rubber parts that meet the needs of each industry.
Technical Support
We have specialized experts to provide advice and technical information to help your  succeed.
PTI, we are flexible in both the order quantity and the price that meets the needs. and cost saving

Our Capability

New Products

EPDM Sponge Square Cord 3x10 mm , hardness 60+/-5 Shore OO Tel : 022577154 MB : 0621515494 LINE OA : @ptirubber


NR rubber sponge is a rubber sponge obtained from natural rubber or Natural Rubber. NR rubber sponge has outstanding features, high elasticity, good recovery, good impact strength. Excellent waterproof Resistant to diluted chemicals Resistant to vegetable oil, animal oil at moderate levels, NR sponge, popular in many industries, such as NR sponge, dustproof NR sponge, windproof NR sponge, waterproof rubber, NR sponge, shockproof, etc. NR rubber sponge is a rubber sponge that does not tolerate extreme environmental conditions. Should use NR foam in the shade (Indoor) not being heated Or touching oil chemicals Tel : 022577154 MB : 0621515494 LINE@ @ptirubber


White EPDM sponge rubber seal 15.5X15.5 mm , high heat resistance Resistant to usage environment Resistant to UV Ozone, water and steam, operating temperature -50 to +160 ºC , contact LINE ID @ptirubber Tel: 022577154 MB: 0621515494


NR Sponge Rubber Sheet, Thickness 6 mm , Width 1 X Length 1 M, Tel : 022577154 MB : 0621515494 LINE OA: @ptirubber

Our Customer

HyperSheet black sandblasting rubber sheet that we developed and designed specifically for sandblasting applications. which emphasizes exceptional wear resistance, flexibility, strength and excellent abrasion resistance from sand/grits

How To Choose Safe Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat To help you choose the correct and safe to use electric insulating rubber sheet.

A slipping accident at work is unexpected. Can happen at any time while working Slipping and falling can have a variety of factors, such as the negligence of the operator. Waterlogged area Messy storage Not enough light Or mother, but the surface is slippery, rough or different levels It is the cause of slipping and falling. Therefore, we should find ways to prevent and stop accidents. Frequent accidents In the workplace, prevention can be as follows

HyperSheet brand coin-pattern rubber mat, anti-slip, no need to fear falling Suitable for both flooring and furniture Black coin pattern gives it a classic look. Comes with a thickness of 3 mm and 5 mm

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