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PTI We are a provider of rubber and plastic parts production services for a variety of industries.We provide production services with high efficient machinery technology, modern production techniques, compound rubber formulas developed specifically for each customer, including testing standards. And Cer. Certification that meets international standards

The Product Meet Customer Needs
We manufacture and distribute rubber parts that meet the needs of each industry.
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We have specialized experts to provide advice and technical information to help your  succeed.
PTI, we are flexible in both the order quantity and the price that meets the needs. and cost saving

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Flame Retardant PU Foam , Hardness : 60+/5 Shore OO

Best Seller

100% ElectroMer electrical insulation rubber sheet. Tested according to IEC 61111: 2009 with Cer. Certified. The rubber sheet has toughness, tear resistance, wear resistance, suitable for installation in front of the MDB, Switch Gear, electrical control room. LT / MT / HT Panels. Introduce the selection of electrical insulation rubber sheet by Engineer team with service to install electrical rubber insulation sheet

Best Seller

Silicone Rubber Gasket Former Holder part . Size : I.D 20 XO.D 80 X Thickness 3 mm . High Heat Resistant


Transparent Silicone Rubber Gasket , Hardness 70 Shore A , HighHeat Resistant , Food Grade (FDA)

Our Customer

Rubber products that are used in the production process and touch the cement are either Solid rubber or Solid rubber and Sponge rubber with high hardness. The raw materials that are being produced are NR, NBR, EPDM, CR depending on the desired performance. Number of times needed including the cost to make the most efficient use of the selection

Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat. Rubber sheet that resist the flow of electricity. Helps the operator be safe while operating the MDB Switchboard SwitchGear electrical cabinet or other electrical devices. But the fact that the electrical insulating sheet just prevents the flow of electricity alone is not enough Would it be better to increase fire efficiency?

Flame retardant rubber products Is a product of rubber parts that is resistant to fire When we take out the power source Products of that kind of rubber parts will not spread continuously. Resulting in damage if in the event of a fire For this reason,

Sponge rubber is a flexible, lightweight rubber that is soft when applied to the surface. The sponge rubber will collapse. And when released, will return to its original condition The sponge rubber is soft because the inside of the rubber is porous and has bubbles inside. For this reason, the sponge rubber is soft. And lightweight

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