EPDM Roof/EPDM Membranes
Feature EPDM Roof/EPDM Membranes

  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • Resistant to deterioration Extends lifespan for a long time
  • Dustproof, waterproof and resists water penetration.
  • Flexible, good recovery, easy to install.
  • Resistant to the force of the solar panel in all directions.
  • Light weight
Product details
Polytech Industry, we develop EPDM Roof/EPDM Membranes, distributed under the brand “HyperSheet”, produced from 100% EPDM RUBBER, has outstanding properties of excellent environmental resistance, resistant to UV Ozone, sunlight, heat, steam, water, seawater, various chemicals and solvents. Does not absorb water. Rubber sheets are lightweight, easy to install, strong, tear resistant, flexible and have a longer lifespan than other types of rubber sheets or Roof Membranes.
 Properties Spec.
 Product Name EPDM Roof / EPDM Membranes
 Brand HyperSheet
 Material 100% EPDM RUBBER
 Hardness 65+/-5 Shore A
 Tensile Strength > 15 MPa.
 Elongation at Break > 350%
 Working Temp -50 to +160°C
 Surface Smooth
 Color Black , White
 Thickness 1 mm , 1.2 mm , 1.5 mm , 2 mm , up to 15 mm
 Width 1.5 M
Length/Roll 10 M

Sold starting at 10 rolls (150 square meters)
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