Green Coin/Stud Anti-Slip Rubber Mat

Adjust the floor to be elegant, beautiful floor, odorless, safe, RoHS-2 standard.

Green Coin/Stud anti slip rubber mat is a new formula that the HyperSheet team has developed in the production formula. To solve the problem of rubber smell for floor coverings in buildings, homes, shopping malls, luxury showrooms, or even floor coverings in passenger elevators. and the special superior Anti-slip rubber floor mat, green coin pattern, HyperSheet brand, the only place in Thailand. that has passed the RoHS-2 standard, safe for the health of users and environmentally friendly.

Green Coin/Stud anti slip rubber mat texture design Increases walking friction anti slip The rubber is highly flexible. Helps to relax walking gain weight better Compared to PVC coin pattern anti-slip rubber mat or hard floor. provide immediate safety when the installation is complete don't wait time Compared to anti-slip liquid that has to wait for the liquid to set, it can be used for more than 3 years.


  • Anti-slip, even on wet floors, Reduce noise with every step
  • Protect the original surface, resistant to scratches
  • Texture on the back of the fabric pattern makes installation easier
  • Can be installed both inside, outside the building and cold room
  • Easy to clean does not cause mold



Technical Specification

   Properties   Data
   Product Name   Coin/Stud Anti-Slip Rubber Mat
   Brand   HyperSheet
   Material   SBR
   Surface Design   Coin/Stud
   Color   Green
   Hardness   65+/-5 Shore A
   Density   1.25+/-0.03 g/cm3
   Tensile Strength   >5 MPa.
   Elongation at Break   >250%
   Abrasion Resistance   <300 mm3
   Working Temperature Range   -40 to +105°C
   Product Certificate   RoHS-2



  • Tailor-made service for immediate installation | Installation service For an area of 100 square meters or more
  • 1 year product warranty | Free! Domestic shipping fee | Available for sale starting from 1 roll.
You can ask for more information about Green Coin/Stud Anti-Slip Rubber Mat products. Order and receive installation services at
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