Black Coin/Stud Anti-Slip Rubber Mat
Black Coin/Stud Anti-Slip Rubber Mat coin texture Prevent slipping accidents Suitable for pavement Industrial factory floor and installation floor for OUTDOOR and furniture assembly


  • Anti-slip, even on wet floors, Reduce noise with every step
  • Protect the original surface, resistant to scratches
  • Texture on the back of the fabric pattern makes installation easier
  • Can be installed both inside, outside the building and cold room
  • Easy to clean does not cause mold



Technical Specification

   Properties   Data
   Product Name   Coin/Stud Anti-Slip Rubber Mat
   Brand   HyperSheet
   Material   NR
   Surface Design   Coin/Stud
   Color   Black
   Hardness   65+/-5 Shore A
   Density   1.45+/-0.03 g/cm3
   Tensile Strength   >5 MPa.
   Elongation at Break   >250%
   Abrasion Resistance   <300 mm3
   Working Temperature Range   -50 to +100๐C



  • Tailor-made service for immediate installation | Installation service For an area of 100 square meters or more
  • 1 year product warranty | Free! Domestic shipping fee | Available for sale starting from 1 roll.
You can ask for more information about Black Coin/Stud Anti-Slip Rubber Mat products. Order and receive installation services at
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