Rubber Food Grade (FDA)
PTI, we provide production and distribution of rubber and plastic products with food grade (FDA) qualities to meet the needs of various industrial applications. Whether the food production industry Beverage industry Pharmaceutical industry Or even some components, tools or machines Who need food grade rubber parts Constitute In the production process, we select the raw materials that meet the Food Grade (FDA) certification Cer. Certified raw materials in the main raw materials. And chemical additives
With our own rubber formula Including chemicals that are controlled in the right amount and also have good characteristics through the standards of the customer's Spec. Rubber and plastic food grade products that we provide the production process, including Extrusion process, Rubber Molding Process, Plastic Injection Process and Calendering Process to produce food grade parts that meet the needs of most customers. Substitute for importing goods And can export to various countries
Material Served (FDA) : Silicone , EPDM  NBR , HNBR , CR (Neoprene), NR , FKM (VITON) , PTFE , PE , TPV or as per Spec.
Rubber Food Grade Products (FDA)
Sponge Rubber Food Grade (FDA)
Rubber Tubing- Food Grade (FDA)
Rubber Roller - Food Grade (FDA)
Rubber Sheet Food Grade (FDA)
Rubber Gasket - Food Grade (FDA)
Rubber Seals Food Grade (FDA)
PTI. We provide rubber and plastic food grade (FDA) products as per Spec. 
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