Sponge rubber hose is suitable for use in each category. Sponge rubber hose that we design for use in each industry, such as Sponge Insulation Rubber Pipe Insulation, Sponge Rubber Hose for Heat Insulation, Sponge Rubber Hose for Automotive, Sponge Rubber Hose for Air Conditioning, Sponge Rubber Hose for the construction industry, Sponge rubber hose cover, Sponge rubber hose for seal, etc. The raw materials we have are both EPDM sponge rubber, Silicone sponge rubber, NBR sponge rubber, CR sponge rubber, Y The PU foam sponge NR and so on.

   Cross Section : SpongeTube
   Structure : Closed-Cell
   Inner Diameter (ID) : 1-64 mm
   Outter Diameter (OD) : 2-76 mm
   Hardness : 40-80 Shore OO
   Heat Resistance : up to +315 °C
   Low Temp. Resistant : -70 °C (Max)
   Material Served : Silicone / EPDM / CR (Neoprene) / NBR / NR / FKM (VITON)
   Service : Cut-To-Length / Splicing or Jointing , Printing
   Color : Firebrick, Black , White , Grey , Blue or as per Spec.
   Material : FDA / Reach / RoHS / RoHS2 / UL / IP65
   Min Order : 1000 Meters. (N/A)

You can ask for more information or order the production of plastic rubber parts at Tel / Line : 0863077319
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