If you are looking for silicone sponge rubber seals. Can ask for more details, price via LINE ID : @PTIRUBBER | Tel : 022577154 | MB : 0863077319 | Email: info@ptigroups.com

Available starting from 1 roll and providing installation services for areas of 100 square meters or more. Interested in asking for details and prices via LINE ID : @PTIRUBBER / Tel : 022577154 / MB : 0863077319 / Email: info@ptigroups.com

At present, sponge rubber with adhesive tapes are available for you to choose from a wide variety, including EPDM sponge rubber, adhesive tape, NBR sponge, adhesive tape, CR/Neoprene sponge, adhesive tape, NR sponge, adhesive tape, and silicone sponge rubber tape. glue But did you know! Silicone sponge rubber adhesive tape has outstanding features as follows

At present, electrical insulating rubber sheets are very popular to choose from. to prevent electric shock or prevent electric shock while working. But did you know! Just a normal electrical insulating rubber sheet. It may look simple, but it's even more special when you choose UL fireproof electrical insulating rubber sheet.

If talking about white sponge rubber to withstand both steam And high heat, not more than 160°C, we recommend white EPDM sponge rubber that SAPONG brand developed formula and most industrial customers choose to use.

Both green SBR rubber sheet and green ESD anti-static rubber sheet are all rubber sheets that are popular for industrial applications. But these two types of tires are different as follows.

Have you ever wondered How do we know this is an ESD anti-static rubber sheet? Today, ElectroMer will teach you how to easily spot the ESD anti-static rubber sheet.

Currently, there are many grades of rubber sheets for you to choose from. but do you know Not all rubber sheets are suitable for applications that require high heat resistance and long continuous use, where the heat resistance of rubber sheets depends on the type of rubber and formulation.

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