Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat is a rubber mat that is different from other rubber mats due to its electrical insulating properties.

NBR rubber sheet is a rubber sheet produced from synthetic rubber raw materials, CR rubber sheet or neoprene rubber sheet (Neoprene) or chloroprene rubber sheet. It is a rubber sheet produced from synthetic rubber raw materials.

with the unique properties of sponge rubber that provides flexibility It is much softer than hard rubber or solid rubber. As a result, sponge rubber is suitable for use in the production process of the concrete industry.

Currently, EPDM sponge rubber has been widely used in both form of EPDM sponge rubber seal. EPDM sponge rubber sheet and EPDM sponge rubber with adhesive tape that have been specifically designed in terms of hardness and formulation. for a wide range of applications

NBR rubber sheet and SBR rubber sheet are similarly named rubber sheets. Some say it's the same rubber sheet. And some people still have doubts about the difference between these two rubber sheets. reveal the truth here

The Best Top 5 Oil Resistant Rubber Sheet : NBR Rubber Sheet , CR Rubber Sheet , HNBR Rubber Sheet , VITON Rubber Sheet , CSM Rubber Sheet

Choose ESD rubber sheet Why only ElectroMer brand?

Electrical insulating rubber mat is a rubber sheet with electrical insulation properties. Resist the flow of electricity Often used as flooring, installed in front of the cabinet, MDB SwitchGear or various electrical equipment (Electrical Eqiupment) to prevent danger from electrical currents while operating And for us to be able to extend the life of the rubber insulation sheet

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