Extrusion sponge rubber or profile sponge rubber seal Is a sponge rubber that has been produced by extrusion process or extrusion process through the cross-section Die-Extrusion Various cross-sectional shapes Currently, there are a variety of cross-sectional shapes, such as square sponge rubber. Round sponge rubber, solid tubular rubber sponge, Omega sponge rubber, Mushroom sponge, Triangle sponge rubber etc.
When undergoing the process of ripening the rubber By using heat Internal skin bubbles will appear. Which the bubbles are from the Blowing Agent which is mixed in Which is our unique formula This heat transfer or incubator causes the sponge rubber to become stable. Or ripen the rubber Come out as sponge rubber in different cross-sectional forms, ready to be used


 Sponge Type : Sponge Extrusion
 Structure : Closed-Cell
 S.G : 0.3-0.6
 Cross Section : 5-50 mm
 Material Served : Silicone , EPDM , NBR , CR (Neoprene) , NR
 Color : Firebrick , White , Black , Grey , Blue or as per Spec.
 Material Certification & Quality Control : FDA , UL94 , REACH , RoHS/RoHS2 , ASTM , ISO 9001, JIS
Our service  : Design & Tooling ( Free Tooling) / Prototyping /Self-Adhesive Tape , Jointing & Splicing , Cuto-To-length , Printing
Application : Building & Construction , Food & Beverage , Automotive , Power Utiliting , Lighting , Industrials
Min Order : 1,000 Metres ( N/A)



You can ask for more information or order the production of plastic rubber parts at Tel / Line : 0863077319
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