Anti-Static Rubber Mat

Both green SBR rubber sheet and green ESD anti-static rubber sheet are all rubber sheets that are popular for industrial applications. But these two types of tires are different as follows.

Have you ever wondered How do we know this is an ESD anti-static rubber sheet? Today, ElectroMer will teach you how to easily spot the ESD anti-static rubber sheet.

Choose ESD rubber sheet Why only ElectroMer brand?

Anti-static ESD table mats ESD anti-static table mats. It is a very popular choice for both electronic plants and in the EPA area. It is used to prevent ESD static electricity. which causes the destruction of electrical circuit components But did you know! Commercially available ESD anti-static table mats. Made from 2 types of raw materials, which are made from 100% rubber raw materials and made from Vinyl/PVC, which have different properties and performance. by ESD anti-static table mat produced from rubber raw materials It has more advantages in terms of performance in various fields.

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