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How To Choose Safe Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat To help you choose the correct and safe to use electric insulating rubber sheet.

A slipping accident at work is unexpected. Can happen at any time while working Slipping and falling can have a variety of factors, such as the negligence of the operator. Waterlogged area Messy storage Not enough light Or mother, but the surface is slippery, rough or different levels It is the cause of slipping and falling. Therefore, we should find ways to prevent and stop accidents. Frequent accidents In the workplace, prevention can be as follows

HyperSheet brand coin-pattern rubber mat, anti-slip, no need to fear falling Suitable for both flooring and furniture Black coin pattern gives it a classic look. Comes with a thickness of 3 mm and 5 mm

Anti-scratch silicone rubber sheet For industrial applications, the Production Line offers superior flexibility. To prevent scratching on the workpiece precisely. Ready to ship free shipping

Rubber Compound is a rubber that is mixed with chemical raw materials according to the formulas designed to achieve specific properties as needed.

Rubber products that are used in the production process and touch the cement are either Solid rubber or Solid rubber and Sponge rubber with high hardness. The raw materials that are being produced are NR, NBR, EPDM, CR depending on the desired performance. Number of times needed including the cost to make the most efficient use of the selection

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Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat. Rubber sheet that resist the flow of electricity. Helps the operator be safe while operating the MDB Switchboard SwitchGear electrical cabinet or other electrical devices. But the fact that the electrical insulating sheet just prevents the flow of electricity alone is not enough Would it be better to increase fire efficiency?

Electrical insulating rubber mat is a rubber sheet with electrical insulation properties. Resist the flow of electricity Often used as flooring, installed in front of the cabinet, MDB SwitchGear or various electrical equipment (Electrical Eqiupment) to prevent danger from electrical currents while operating And for us to be able to extend the life of the rubber insulation sheet

Silicone rubber sheet (Silicone Rubber Sheet) is a rubber sheet produced from raw materials, synthetic rubber silicone It has the main structure silicon (SI) and oxygen (O), which has a chemical structure similar to glass. The surface of the rubber sheet is smooth. Silicone rubber sheet has outstanding features in terms of wide operating temperature - 70 to +220 C.

Flame retardant rubber products Is a product of rubber parts that is resistant to fire When we take out the power source Products of that kind of rubber parts will not spread continuously. Resulting in damage if in the event of a fire For this reason,

Sponge rubber is a flexible, lightweight rubber that is soft when applied to the surface. The sponge rubber will collapse. And when released, will return to its original condition The sponge rubber is soft because the inside of the rubber is porous and has bubbles inside. For this reason, the sponge rubber is soft. And lightweight

What is the difference between Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat and ESD Insulating Sheet? Working Principle Objectives How are the differences? How's it Work?

Square Silicone Rubber Manufactured from silicone rubber. Medical Grade, Silicone grade, Britpop silicone, than the general grade of silicone rubber. Suitable for medical applications, especially Medical Devices. Assembling medical components or devices

Solar cell system seal, designed for the installation and installation of solar cells, lightweight, resistant to excellent operating conditions

Polytech Industrั Co., Ltd. held a seminar in PTI TEAM. Objectives of knowledge and teamwork collaboration For employees to understand Aiming at the same journey to the destination that the company has set

VITON - Fluorocarbon Rubber, FPM, FKM is a synthetic rubber with high levels of fluorine. Making this type of rubber very polar And highly stable Resulting in good resistance to mats, such as air, heat, oxygen, chemicals, etc. Viton rubber or FKM / FPM has been used in a variety of industries. With outstanding features as follows

HNBR - Hydrogenated Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber is a synthetic rubber derived from the same rubber as the NBR. Has the property of being resistant to oil The ability to withstand oil depends on the amount. Acrylonitrile, but if the amount of Acrylonitile is equal to NBR rubber HNBR tires have a slightly inferior oil resistance property. But anyway Still has other strengths Not sore as it is highly resistant to deterioration At a similar level to EPDM And has a higher level of heat resistance, good resistance to various ozone chemicals, tear resistance, wear resistance very well support high tension Operating temperature -50 to +160 C

NBR or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Buna N Rubber are synthetic rubber derived from Acrylonitrile Monomer and Butadiene Monomer. This type of rubber structure has the function group-CN Is an element Making this type of rubber have outstanding properties, oil resistance Whether it is petroleum, vegetable oil, animal oil, Mineral Oil, Non aromatic petroleum and is resistant to various non-polar solutions.

NR or Natural Rubber is natural rubber. Or better known as rubber Which is an economic crop of Thailand NR rubber is rubber derived from rubber trees There are both latex (HA / MA / LA) latex products and dry rubber products. Available in both smoked rubber sheet, block rubber and crepe rubber, which have a variety of grades to choose from To be suitable for processing in each product

Neoprene / CR rubber, also known as chloroprene rubber (Polychloroprene Rubber, Neoprene Rubber), is a synthetic rubber obtained from Chloroprene Monomer with an orderly arrangement. This type of rubber can crystallize like NR or natural rubber.

EPDM rubber or Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber with outstanding properties in resistance to the environment. Resistant to chemicals, especially acid-base chemicals Dilution concentration level To moderate concentration Due to the structure of the rubber with very few double bonds, this type of rubber is highly resistant to deterioration, UV Ozone is good, and has good flexibility, good recovery. Water and steam resistant, brake fluid resistant, operating temperature -50 to +160 C

Silicone rubber is a synthetic rubber with many special features and is popular for use in a variety of industries. With a special feature of the wide operating temperature range -70 to +315 C, to withstand a wide range of operating temperature conditions. Cold resistance at minus -70 C, which is a special grade silicone rubber that can withstand temperatures up to -100 C and high temperature resistance. Able to withstand the highest temperature +315 C, highly resistant to UV Ozone and the environment

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