Self Adhesive Sponge Tape

PTI, we provide the service of producing rubber sponge with adhesive tape, including sponge rubber seal and adhesive tape Sponge rubber sheet with adhesive tape And sponge rubber with adhesive tape according to drawing (Die-Cutting). Our sponge rubber is manufactured and designed for use in a variety of industries including Automotive, Building & Construction, Lighting, Marine, Food & beverage Processing, Fire Cabinet, Machinery, HVAC System, Industrials.
With a closed-cell sponge rubber structure that is waterproof, dustproof Moisture well It is also flexible. Excellent resistance to operating conditions The adhesive tape we use is available in 3M / Nitto / Tissue Tape and Acrylic Tape. There are a variety of grades to be suitable for installation on each surface material. Whether it is Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Glass, Fiberglass PVC U-PVC, Cement Wall, Precast etc.

Application :

Self-Adhesive Sponge Type
Sponge Extrusion - Self Adhesive Tape
Sponge Sheet - Adhesive Tape
Dies-Cutting Sponge Adhesive Tape

Material Served

The type of rubber, sponge, adhesive tape that the production and distribution services Available in both rubber seal, sponge with adhesive tape / sponge rubber with adhesive tape And sponge rubber seal with adhesive tape, cut according to drawing
Siliocne Sponge Adhesive Tape
Silicone sponge rubber Food grade, resistant to bacteria and price Resistant to high temperatures Providing high flexibility The rubber is flexible. Excellent environment resistance
NBR Sponge Adhesive Tape
Sponge rubber that has outstanding properties in oil resistance. Whether petroleum Fuel Vegetable oil / animal oil, waterproof, resistant to gas permeability
NR rubber Sponge  adhesive tape
Sponge rubber with high flexibility Good impact strength Environmentally resistant and chemical resistant, closed-cell structure, waterproof and dustproof
EPDM Sponge Adhesive Tape
EPDM sponge rubber Closed-cell fine sponge rubber, excellent waterproof, dustproof, heat resistant, environment resistant Flexible, good impact resistance
CR sponge rubber Adhesive Tape
Sponge rubber tape Sponge rubber that provides good mechanical properties. Resistant to oil and chemicals Flexible Good environment resistance and fire resistance
PU Foam / PU sponge with adhesive tape
PU Foam is sticking with a lightweight, flexible, chemical resistant, tear resistant tape. Suitable for HVAC systems.
PTI, we control the standard in every step of the production of rubber, sponge, adhesive tape, selection of rubber raw materials and grade of adhesive tape Production quality control Testing and documentation To deliver sponge rubber with adhesive tape that meets the standards suitable for use in each industry
Minimum order quantity of 1000 meters or as agreed
You can ask for more information or request a quotation at Tel: +66(0)22577154/0863077319
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