Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat

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Electrical insulation rubber sheet, thickness 2 mm, with a maximum voltage of 1000 V. (Class 0 IEC61111), suitable for use on the front of the cabinet, MDB Switchboard, electrical cabinet, etc. Tested with a Cer. Certificate in accordance with Audit standards. Buy 2 rolls or more (20 meters or more). Contact us for product prices. Sell at Tel: 022577154 MB: 0982898676/0863077319 LINE @ @ptirubber

Best Seller

100% ElectroMer electrical insulation rubber sheet. Tested according to IEC 61111: 2009 with Cer. Certified. The rubber sheet has toughness, tear resistance, wear resistance, suitable for installation in front of the MDB, Switch Gear, electrical control room. LT / MT / HT Panels. Introduce the selection of electrical insulation rubber sheet by Engineer team with service to install electrical rubber insulation sheet


Flame Retardant Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat

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