Green Electrical Insulating Rubber 6mm


Green Electrical insulation rubber sheet, thickness 6 mm, with a maximum voltage of 36000 V. (Class 4 IEC61111), suitable for use on the front of the cabinet, MDB Switchboard, electrical cabinet, etc. Tested with a Cer. Certificate in accordance with Audit standards. Buy 2 rolls or more (20 meters or more). Contact us for product prices. Sell at Tel: 022577154 MB: 0982898676 / 0863077319 LINE OA : @ptirubber

Brand : ElectroMer


Green Electrical Insulating Rubber 6mm

ElectroMer insulating rubber sheet is specifically designed for electrical insulating sheet applications. protection against electric shock Resist the flow of electric current at various levels according to IEC 61111:2009 (Class 0 / Class 1 / Class 2 / Class 3 / Class 4 ). Prevent electric shock, electric shock for floor in front of cabinet, MDB Switchboard Switch Gear , Low Voltage Panel , Medium Voltage Panel , High Voltage Panel Paving walkways or areas at risk of danger from electric current.


           Properties             Spec.
           Brand             ElectroMer
           Product Name             Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat
           Material             Electrical Insulating Rubber
           Thickness (mm)             6 mm
           Width (Meter)             1.2 Meter
           Color             Green1
           Surface             Smooth
           Length/Roll (Meter.)             10 Meters.
           Working Voltage             36000 Volts
           Class (IEC 61111)               4
           Test Certificate              YES  
           Service Temp.             -30 to +100 C
           Hardness             65+/- 5 Shore A
           Delivery              Free Delivery


  • Withstand high voltage
  • Prevent the danger of electric shock
  • Passed the test, got a Cer. Certified, COA.
  • The rubber sheet is strong and resistant to tearing.
  • Abrasion resistant rubber sheet
  • Easy to install, convenient to use



Our Service

  • Cut-To-Length
  • Die-Cutting
  • Installation service


Terms of purchase

  • Available starting from 1 roll.
  • Installation when ordering products with a minimum of 100 square meters or more.
  • Delivery time 3-5 working days.
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