How do you know That this is ESD anti-static rubber sheet.


How do you know That this is ESD anti-static rubber sheet.

How do you know That this is ESD anti-static rubber sheet.

Have you ever wondered How do we know this is an ESD anti-static rubber sheet? Today, ElectroMer will teach you how to easily spot the ESD anti-static rubber sheet.

Anti-static ESD rubber mat or anti-static rubber table mat It is a rubber sheet that has the ability to eliminate static electricity. Or prevent ESD static electricity to prevent dust. Popular for use as table coverings for electronic work groups. Floor coverings are used in clean rooms or areas requiring ESD static control.

3 Simple Methods to Observe ESD Anti-Static Rubber Sheet

  Topic 1 Characteristics of rubber sheet : Anti-static ESD rubber sheet is a 2-layer rubber sheet. The upper layer or Top Layer rubber sheet is available in colorful green, blue, gray, Apple Green colors, etc. There are both glossy and matte finishes, while the bottom layer is colored black.

  Topic 1 Electrical Properties : Because the ESD anti-static rubber sheet is a rubber sheet with 2 layers, the top layer has Dissipative Rubber properties that act to transfer the charge. The bottom layer rubber sheet or Bottom Layer has the property of Conductive Rubber responsible for bringing the charge out. This feature can be checked with an electric bill checker.  

  Topic 3 Use : ESD anti-static rubber sheet has the function of eliminating and preventing static electricity. Popular for use as a tablecloth and flooring in the clean room area electronic factory chemical storage room or explosives

At present, ESD anti-static rubber sheet is the most popular choice. Available in thickness 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm, width 1 meter, length / roll 10 meters, both normal grade and grades that pass the RoHS-2 standard

Today you probably know how to easily observe ESD anti-static rubber sheet.


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