Ant-Defect Silicone Rubber Sheet



It cannot be denied that if defect occurs on the part during the manufacturing process. It is a problem that has a significant impact on the production process, production output, cost and time. You definitely don't want damage on your workpiece. Therefore, most industries choose to use to prevent defect marks on workpieces is to use silicone rubber pads. Available under the HyperSheet brand, our silicone rubber sheets feature outstanding flexibility, softness, and no damage to exposed workpieces. Or marks on the workpiece No contaminants with the workpiece Be it color Or other chemicals It is also resistant to high heat. Has a food grade Excellent resistance to demanding environmental conditions Make when used, can extend the service life up to 2 times

The silicone rubber sheet brand HyperSheet of Loitech Industry Co., Ltd. has been popular and used by most industries of the country. Along with standardized and superior services We have a team to help you advise. Provide advice before and after the sale at the point. Spec. Products and various certification documents Product warranty Service for cutting work according to the drawings Complete in one place

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