What is Shore OO?


What is Shore OO?

What is Shore OO?

"Shore OO" refers to a unit of measurement for the hardness of sponge rubber using a durometer, as per the ASTM D2240 standard.

The term "Shore" originates from the Shore Instrument & Mfg. Co., which produces instruments for measuring rubber hardness.

The "OO" designation indicates the specific type of scale used for measuring the hardness of sponge rubber. Consequently, Shore OO is commonly used for assessing the hardness of sponge rubber materials.

It's important to note that the durometer, the instrument used for measuring rubber hardness, comes in various types to measure the hardness of different rubber materials.


These include :

1. Shore A : For solid rubber products.
2. Shore B : For semi-hard rubber.
3. Shore C : For semi-hard rubber and plastics.
4. Shore D : For hard rubber and hard plastics.
5. Shore DO : For semi-hard rubber.
6. Shore O : For soft rubber.
7. Shore OO : Specifically for sponge rubber.

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