Sponge Rubber For Concrete industry


Sponge Rubber For Concrete industry

Sponge Rubber For Concrete industry

with the unique properties of sponge rubber that provides flexibility It is much softer than hard rubber or solid rubber. As a result, sponge rubber is suitable for use in the production process of the concrete industry. Both in the form of concrete production, precast aerated bricks, to be used to build on the growth of the country's infrastructure, such as the construction of bridges, high-rise buildings, expressways, train tracks. various accommodation, etc.
But sponge rubber that is suitable for use in the concrete industry must be a sponge rubber with a suitable shape. Closed-cell sponge rubber structure is flexible. It has higher strength, hardness or hardness at the side than general sponge rubber and, most importantly, must have the ability to withstand the chemicals used in the concrete production process as well. So you can use the sponge rubber seal many times. last longer and save your cost
And at Polytech Industry Co., Ltd., we have a service to produce sponge rubber. Distributed under the brand “SAPONG”, the formulation is specially designed for use in the concrete industry. The form, cross section or cross section can be designed and manufactured according to the specification of your application. And most importantly, we provide free Tooling, sample production service, Approved product warranty. and free shipping Accepting production as low as 100 meters or more


If you are looking for sponge rubber seals for the concrete industry or want to replace your existing sponge rubber with more efficiency. You can inquire and consult our Engineer team via channels.

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