Follow this and you won't buy the wrong sponge rubber again


Follow this and you won't buy the wrong sponge rubber again

  No.1 : Product Spec. Important things that you need to pay attention to.

Oftentimes you buy a commercially available sponge rubber. but do you know Sponge rubber that is produced in each factory has different formulas. including the ability to use Lifetime together with As follows, before ordering sponge rubber, you must check Product Spec. both in terms of usage temperature, Hardness or S.G hardness, Compression set value, as well as the threat of being able to withstand your usage environment, including UV, Ozone, oil, chemicals, etc. So you can be sure that you won't miss it. when used in practice


  No.2 : Check quotation Correctly before opening P/O orders.

Check quotation documents/other documents To be completely correct, the product meets the Spec. you want or not. To avoid any mistake or confusion between you and the manufacturer.


  No.3 : Check the Q.C immediately before receiving the product.

When you receive the product. We recommend that you immediately check whether the product meets the desired Spec. If found that the product is wrong Spec., inform the manufacturer / distributor to replace the new lot. Do not let the time elapse for 6 months or longer than 1 year, then come to Q.C to inspect the product. Because it will have steps and time to process. or may have expired the product warranty period Which makes you lose a lot of opportunities.


*Just follow this! Then you won't miss out on ordering sponge rubber again.


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