How To Choose Safe Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat


How To Choose Safe Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat

5 How To Choose Safe Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat 1.Resistance electric current (Working Voltage) Choose an electrical insulation rubber sheet with resistance to voltage suitable for use, such as electrical insulation rubber sheet. For flooring in front of MDB cabinet (380V.), Choose electric insulating rubber sheet Class 0 (IEC 61111) Thickness 2 mm.

2. The thickness of the rubber sheet (Thickness) In addition to the Working Volate, the thickness of the electrical insulation rubber sheet should be selected to suit the application used in the installation.

3.Certificate of electrical qualification test It is very important to indicate that the insulating rubber mat we choose to have a sufficiently high electrical resistance. For safety in use And must be testing the latest update

4. C.O.A sheet to identify the properties of electrical insulating rubber sheet.

5. Providing advice, warranty, delivery and installation service There should be an expert with knowledge of electrical insulation rubber sheet, give advice on product warranty Specialized installation methods There is a surface adjustment technique before installation. For maximum safety Including timely delivery, use and free shipping to save your cost.

Just like this You will be safe to choose an electrical insulation rubber sheet. If you need more information about insulating rubber sheet You can inquire about us with us at Tel: 022577154 MB: 0863077319/0982898676 LINE Official Account @ptirubber Email:

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