Electrical Insulating Mat VS. ESD Mat(copy)


Electrical Insulating Mat VS. ESD Mat(copy)

At present, we have rubber sheet products with various electrical properties, including electrical insulation rubber sheets. Antistatic rubber sheet, ESD semi-conductive rubber sheet And conductive rubber pads All have different functions and functions Especially Electrical insulation rubber sheet and antistatic ESD rubber sheet Which the rubber sheet that is widely used Have different duties

We come to know the rubber insulation sheet before it. Electrical rubber insulation sheet, which the name already said is a rubber sheet with insulating properties Not allowing electricity to flow through Causing electrical insulation rubber sheet to be used for electric shock protection Electric shock protection Or prevent the danger from electric leaks that pass through, causing danger Stop inhibiting the flow of electricity into our bodies. When we stand on an electrical insulation rubber sheet, it is equal to the circuit breaker, the flow of electric freckles. The electricity cannot flow through us.

The anti-static rubber sheet or ESD rubber sheet. ESD rubber sheet is a rubber sheet that has two layers, Top Layer is the part that serves to distribute the electric charge, which is to allow the current to flow through a little. Passed into the bottom layer of rubber, which is the part of the rubber sheet with electrical conductivity This type of rubber sheet has a purpose to eliminate static electricity. Prevent static electricity that may cause damage to the workpiece. Especially in electronics Static electricity that has occurred Not harmful to us, do not feel or may feel like an electric shock without a source of electricity. Such as walking in a mall with dry air Accidentally touched a friend And feel like a shock Is a lot of static electricity

Therefore, if we want to prevent electric shock and shock, we should choose to use electrical rubber insulation sheet. Laying the floor to break the current flow circuit Or if we want to get rid of the charge on the workpiece Want to eliminate static electricity Select the ESD rubber sheet. Because if you choose to use the wrong type Will cause danger to users or may cause damage to the work of that device

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