VITON - Fluorocarbon Rubber, FPM, FKM is a synthetic rubber with high levels of fluorine. Making this type of rubber very polar And highly stable Resulting in good resistance to mats, such as air, heat, oxygen, chemicals, etc. Viton rubber or FKM / FPM has been used in a variety of industries. With outstanding features as follows

High temperature resistant, operating temperature -30 to +260 C
Resistant to oil and chemicals
Resistant to deterioration
Resistant to UV Ozone and various rays
Resistant to gas permeability
Flame resistant, fire resistant

At the same time, Viton Rubber or FKM have various limitations, whether it is alkali resistant, methanol, hot water and steam, brake fluid or even polar solvents. Viton Rubber or FKM Rubber Is a relatively expensive rubber raw material And requires special machinery for processing Especially the extrusion process for rubber seal, viton rubber profile Therefore requires specialized expertise and is large enough for each production to maintain a reasonable cost

Viton Rubber or FKM Rubber are commonly used to produce rubber parts that require special features or special applications such as Viton rubber tubes, Viton rubber seal Viton rubber diaphragm Viton Chemical Rubber Sheet Viton sponge rubber etc.

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