NR Rubber


NR Rubber

NR or Natural Rubber is natural rubber. Or better known as rubber Which is an economic crop of Thailand NR rubber is rubber derived from rubber trees There are both latex (HA / MA / LA) latex products and dry rubber products. Available in both smoked rubber sheet, block rubber and crepe rubber, which have a variety of grades to choose from To be suitable for processing in each product

Natural rubber or NR has the outstanding properties of high tensile strength, tear resistance and wear resistance. Highly flexible Sticky together Resistant to fatigue (Fatigue Resistance) and good dynamic properties. Operating temperature -50 to +100 C

In addition, NR tires Or natural rubber, there are still limitations in various uses such as oil resistance, chemicals, ozone resistance, heat resistance etc.

Current NR Rubber Popular to be used in a variety of industries. To produce rubber parts for various rubber products such as NR sponge rubber, rubber parts for Automotive, NR rubber sheet, NR tube, condom, tires, etc.

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