3 main reasons why EPDM rubber sheets are the best for outdoor use.


3 main reasons why EPDM rubber sheets are the best for outdoor use.


EEPDM rubber sheets are highly favored for outdoor applications, whether for roofing, rubber gaskets, seals, flooring, or external shock-absorbing pads, due to these three main reasons.

1. Rubber Structure : EPDM rubber sheets are made from EPDM, which has fewer double bonds in its structure compared to other types of rubber. This makes them resistant to UV rays, ozone, sunlight, water, steam, sea water, and chemicals. Especially, EPDM sheets developed for specific applications or those of higher quality and appropriately selected EPDM grades can last more than 10 years in outdoor conditions.

2. Wide Temperature Range : EPDM rubber sheets have a remarkably wide operational temperature range, surpassing even silicone rubber sheets, from -50 to +160°C. They can withstand both high heat and extreme cold, including sub-zero temperatures. Regardless of the season, EPDM remains durable, making it perfectly suited for outdoor use.

3. Cost-Effectiveness : With superior outdoor performance compared to other types of rubber sheets and being more economical than silicone, VITON, CSM, or HNBR rubber sheets, EPDM rubber sheets are the most popular choice for such applications.



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