Let's introduce you to HNBR rubber sheets.


Let's introduce you to HNBR rubber sheets.


What are HNBR rubber sheets made of?
HNBR rubber sheets are made from HNBR, mixed with a variety of chemical rubber compounds and processed through the Calendering Process, resulting in ready-to-use HNBR rubber sheets.

What is HNBR rubber?
HNBR rubber was first developed in the early 1980s as a replacement for NBR rubber, improving its resistance to heat, chemicals, and ozone while maintaining oil resistance. HNBR rubber is obtained from the hydrogenation reaction of the double bonds in standard nitrile rubber (NBR), leading to a saturated structure that enhances stability and other properties.



Key Feature
HNBR rubber's structure, developed from NBR rubber, provides exceptional qualities, making it suitable for almost all types of oil applications, including:
  Resistance to petroleum oils, crude oil, fuel oils, as well as vegetable and animal oils.
  High temperature resistance up to +165°C (Working Temp. -40 to +165°C).
  Resistance to acids, alkalis, and solvents.
  Excellent resistance to ozone and environmental conditions.
  Good mechanical properties, resistant to wear, and tear.

Potential Applications
Due to its high cost and specialized production, HNBR rubber sheets are typically used for specific applications such as oil-resistant seals/gaskets in oil drilling rigs or applications requiring oil resistance, high temperature, hot water, steam resistance, UV, ozone resistance, abrasion, chemical resistance superior to NBR rubber sheets, or even alkali resistance superior to VITON rubber sheets.

Thickness : 0.5-25 mm  I  Width 1-1.5 M  I  Length/Roll : 10 M


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