Rubber Roller Construction


Rubber Roller Construction

Rubber Roller Construction

Rubber Roller Construction consists of 2 main parts, which are the rubber cover, which is the part that has contact with the material, and the roller core, which is the main structural component that connects to the main drive unit which are as follows

Part 1 Roller Core

Roller Core It is a strong structure that supports weight. Generally made of high-strength materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy tool steel, aluminum alloys, PTFE can be divided into sub-sections as follows.

  • Roller Core Shaft : is the part connected to the motor It has a hard core. High strength and uniform hardness It is designed to withstand forces that can cause bending and shearing during rotation.
  • Roller Core Cylinder : It is a component that looks like a hollow cylinder like a tube. It is the part that is connected to the rubber sleeve. This section is thick enough to withstand the pressure from use. Most of them are made of steel. or other hard materials such as aluminum and reinforced plastics.
  • Roller Core Flange : The flange part which connects the solid core and the hollow tube core. These three parts are often held together by welding. But in some smaller pipes, it may use a flange to fit and rely on pressure from the other two to hold it together.
  • Roller Core Bearings : It is a part used to reduce friction between stationary parts and moving parts. The characteristics, assembly and type depend on the design for use, for example, in some workpieces, bearings may be installed on hollow tube sections while where the hard core is stationary next to that machine or device

Part 2 Rubber Cover

Rubber Cover / Rubber Lining or the outer rubber part of the roller It is the part that protects the inner roller shaft. Causing direct contact with various materials in the production process Therefore, it is the part that has the most wear The type and grade of the Rubber Cover will depend on the usage pattern. which can be summarized into categories based on specific properties as follows
  • Abrasion Resistance : SBR , PU , NBR , NR , HNBR , CSM
  • Tear Strength : SBR , PU , HNBR , CSM
  • Compression Set : NBR , CR , Silicone , PU
  • High Heat Resistance : EPDM , Silicone , FKM , CSM
  • Cold tolerance : NR , EPDM , Silicone
  • Qualified Food Grade (FDA) : Silicone (Food Grade)
  • Aging Resistance : Butyl , CR , EPDM , Silicone
  • Acid and Alkali Resistance :  EPDM , CSM
  • Water Resistance :  NR , NBR , Silicone , EPDM , CSM
  • Oil Resistance : NBR , CR , FKM
  • Solvent Resistance : NBR for petroleum-based solvents. , CR , EPDM , Silicone , and Butyl for alcohol-based solvents , CR , EPDM , CSM , and Butyl for ketone and ester-based solvents.


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