Stop the problem of hardened rollers quickly. when you know this


Stop the problem of hardened rollers quickly. when you know this

Stop the problem of hardened rollers quickly. when you know this

Have you ever encountered this kind of problem?

Adopt NBR rubber roller come to use through cold water at temperature 3-5°C continuously After only 1 month, the roller has decreased flexibility. Its hardness increased from 60 Shore A to 70 Shore A and began to affect its use in the production process. Causing the need to change the rollers frequently, wasting both the cost affecting the production process and wastes a lot of time

Caused by

NBR rubber raw material selected because NBR rubber is a rubber that is not suitable for use at low temperatures. Or not suitable for use with cold water. From the data it was found that at -10 ° C, it caused the rubber to begin to change to glass state. Depending on the acrylotril content of that NBR rubber grade


Which in this case can be solved easily

By changing to a silicone rubber roller Because silicone rubber is a rubber that has the ability to withstand use in cold water or even at negative low temperatures. The ability to withstand cold temperatures as low as -70°C to maintain the flexibility of rubber rollers for continuous use. For productivity, work can be more work. can be used for a long time Do not change often Save cost and time

There are also various grades of silicone rubber for you to choose from. such as food grade silicone rubber Suitable for food contact applications, High Tear grade silicone rubber, High Strength grade silicone rubber to increase the strength of the rubber roller, etc.


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