The Best Top 5 Oil Resistant Rubber Sheett


The Best Top 5  Oil Resistant Rubber Sheett

oil resistant rubber sheet It is a rubber sheet that has the ability to withstand oil, whether it is immersed in oil, in contact with oil or only oil vapors. The rubber sheet must not cause swelling. It is also resistant to operating conditions very well. And most importantly, it must be used for a long time. to reduce waste rubber products Reduce global warming. The oil resistance performance of rubber sheet has a variety of factors as follows.

- Grade of rubber raw material
- Formula
- Operating temperature
- Oil type
- Environment
And this is the Top 5 rubber sheets that are most popularly used in the industry.

NBR rubber sheet I CR (Neoprene) rubber sheet I VITON (FKM) rubber sheet I CSM (Hypalon) rubber sheet I HNBR rubber sheet


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