Anti-Slip Rubber Sheet for Workplace


Anti-Slip Rubber Sheet for Workplace

A slipping accident at work is unexpected. Can happen at any time while working Slipping and falling can have a variety of factors, such as the negligence of the operator. Waterlogged area Messy storage Not enough light Or mother, but the surface is slippery, rough or different levels It is the cause of slipping and falling.
Therefore, we should find ways to prevent and stop accidents. Frequent accidents In the workplace, prevention can be as follows

Take care of keeping things organized Clean the work area free of liquids or oil.
Install lights to have adequate lighting.
Repair and upgrade the area
Install handrails
Wear shoes to prevent slipping.
Install a non-slip rubber mat in the vulnerable area.

Just as this can help reduce slippery accidents at work.
If you or your business are having problems Slip and fall accident Or want to look for and install a rubber mat You can inquire about products or measure the site on site for free before installation. No cost Call us at 022577154 MB: 0621515494 LINE ID @ptirubber

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