5 Advantages of Rubber Rollers


5 Advantages of Rubber Rollers

5 Advantages of Rubber Rollers

Metal rollers have some common drawbacks, such as

  • Inflexibility
  • Corrosion
  • Being scratched easily
  • Occurrence of pressure marks
  • Cracking
  • The surface and hardness that cause damage to the substances that come into contact with it.


Rubber rollers can solve these problems. Still cheaper than other types of rollers. Long service life and advantageous physical and mechanical properties such as

  1. The coefficient of friction is as high as 0.6-1.2, making it suitable for use as a conveyor belt. Because it prevents slipping, especially on level floors.
  2. Does not cause small cracks from scratches or torn. cause no damage to the product during use
  3. Resistant to deformation from impact due to its flexibility properties Able to absorb impact, disperse force and restore shape well Makes it not easy to cause collapses or cracks.
  4. Good chemical resistance Can choose the type of rubber to suit the chemical. The presence of a rubber covering also prevents rusting or corrosion of the metal core.
  5. The cover layer can be replaced when damaged. There is no need to replace the entire axis. Resulting in extending the service life of that tool that has rollers as a component and reducing maintenance costs.


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